Monday, December 18, 2017
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I'm so pumped... I am finally getting my site to look the way I've always wanted it to!  Bare with me as I'm getting the site up and running, I am working out the kinks along the way.  

The past 3 years have been... um, interesting!  Trying to navigate my way through motherhood, approaching 40, and just trying to survive!  Photography has always been there for me, through the trenches! 

My focus has definitely shifted from when I started in this business.  I decided I wanted to be a photographer many moons ago... for different reasons.  Now, I appreciate the gift it's given me more than ever... the lessons are priceless.  This is my legacy... capturing memories for people that they would otherwise let slip away!  These moments are so fleeting, and I just want to archive these memories. 

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